Snow Removal Tips You Need To Know

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June 22, 2015

Snow Removal Tips You Need To Know

snow removal Calgary

Snow removal in Calgary is one of the most daunting tasks that many folks get to endure but sadly it’s necessary. While the powdery stuff is good to look at, it can be quite an inconvenience around your home. For starters, your car will not be able to drive in and out of your garage as the driveway is covered and slippery. The path from your porch to your gate will be difficult to pass through as the snow will have covered the pathway.Thanks to useful tips and tricks, you can be able to make snow removal Calgary tasks to be a breeze.


Below are snow removal tips for Calgary residents:

  • Buy a good shovel

A shovel is still the most useful tool when it comes to snow removal in Calgary. While you may want to buy a cheap one in order to save, you will end up forking out more money. The best shovel you need should have is a medium sized plastic or aluminum blade with a not stick finish. This will allow the snow to slide off easily from the blade as your shovel it off. You don’t have to go for a larger shovel as it will result in back and arm stiffness later on. You can purchase an S-shaped shovel as they are good for heavy snowfall while a C- shovel is better for pushing and removing fluffy snow.

  • Dress for the weather

It is important to ensure that you are dressed for the weather. Since the temperatures are way below zero degrees, you need to dress in layers of warmth clothing. The best kit for a snow removal Calgary job is a few sweaters and T-shirts to help keep your chest and neck area warm, heavy jacket and pants with thick inner lining, gloves to keep your hands warm, thick woolen socks and boots to prevent frost bite.

  • Salt the area

Even if you shovel snow frequently, ice will get around your yard eventually. This means that your shovel will not be able to cut it for easy removal. You need to purchase rock salt as it is cheap and will get the job done. The one thing you need to remember is that applying too much rock salt will result in your concrete drive way being eaten away. This means that you will have to make repairs which can cost you dearly. Use the salt in moderation to prevent this and you can also use magnesium chloride or calcium chloride too.

  • Use a snow blower

Snow blowers are terrific winter toys which allow snow removal in Calgary to be fast and efficient. The one thing about snow blowers is that they can be expensive to purchase and to maintain. They are beneficial in that they allow one to clear a snowed in section quickly and eliminate exhaustion and tiredness when compared to using a shovel.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to snow removal in Calgary, it’s best to adhere to the above tips as they will help to make your work easier. Dressing up in layers of warm clothing, buying the appropriate shovel, using a snow blower and salting the area are vital tips that will help you to clear ice and snow from your driveway and yard.

You can finally go about your normal duties once you have cleared the fluffy white powder.